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YoungBoy originally known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden came into this world on October 20, 1999.

Professionally known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, or NBA YoungBoy, or simply YoungBoy. Kentrell is a famous rapper, singer, and lyrics writer.

Youngboy released eight mixtapes between 2015 and 2017, and these mixtapes were the reason for his immense popularity among the youth.

In late 2017, Gaulden signed a deal with Atlantic Records for the distribution of his two additional mixtapes.

In January 2018, Gaulden’s most famous single “Outside Today” rise to number 31.

Then his other lead single, Death Call My Name (2018), peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200. Other super hit songs and albums of YoungBoy include “Valuable Pain,” “Slime Belief,” and “Genie.

However, YoungBoy’s first chart-topping album was AI YoungBoy 2, released in late 2019. This was the single that rise to number one on the US Billboard 200.

Later in that year, Gaulden, aka YoungBoy, collaborated with Juice Wrld, and this unique collaboration produced “Bandit,” the first top-ten single.

In April 2020, Gaulden proudly released his sixteenth mixtape, Baby 2, which also debuted at the number one position on the US Billboard 200.

Later in 2020, Gaulden launched his second studio album, which was his third chart-topping music album in a single year.[/su_highlight]


nba youngboy outside today

Youngboy Never Broke Again Instagram.

In April 2020, the world was shocked when YoungBoy deleted every photo displayed on his official Instagram account, including his profile picture.

Fans were shocked due to this sudden act of YoungBoy and were wondering what happened to YoungBoy’s Instagram.

According to rumors and many fans, the YoungBoy deleted his Instagram in a bid to curb the number of critical remarks from fans against him. But these all are rumors. So, what actually happened to YB Instagram?

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Instagram was wiped his Instagram Profile in April 2020.         


At a glance of NBA YoungBoy’s Instagram page at the moment is dull and boring, and later, he explained his acts.

YB was a celebrity with 9.7 million followers on Instagram. This “Bad Bad” NBA YoungBoy rapper stunned all of his followers by doing so. This clean sweep by the rapper was a clueless act and made no sense until he explained his actions.

So, what was the reason for this mass wipe-out?

According to many people and reporters, this could be due to his beef with celebrity Kodak Black?

Currently, NBA YoungBoy is locked-up, and from the prison, he claimed that he helped the feds in getting his sweetheart, Iyanna May weather.

Fed also shared old footage of NBA YoungBoy being provoked by his fans and suspected the rapper of being a ruthless woman beater.

“Jit I Kno You, I Bet If This Was A B**** U Would Knock Her Ass Out Already,” he wrote.

The rapper, in his official statement, mentioned why he blocked his YB Instagram. He said:

“Women trying to incriminate me. Posting stupid shit. Well, they say stupid shit. I guess the people that they down talk a n–ga with leaked the shit. I don’t know. That shit is playing mind games. Well, I will be playing mind games with myself because I be letting it eat me up,”

What happened to NBA youngboy Instagram:

Currently, NBA Youngboy’s Instagram account is inactive, and all of his fans are desperate to know when he will become active again.

Many fans have responded by devoting their new wallpapers in support of the rapper, and all fans have set up a green aesthetic in the rapper’s honor.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again not only wiped his current posts but all of previously posted pics and posts, leaving followers scratching their hairs.

Before this act, the NBA YoungBoy was very active on all social media accounts, so the fans’ concern is quite natural.

NBA YoungBoy gave his official statement on Instagram Live and mentioned that he cleaned all the posts to clear his reputation, and now he doesn’t have to deal with critical comments.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again had a fierce conversation with Kodak Black.

Many users think that NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again decided to do this after a heated exchange with Kodak Black, who attacked him after the arrest of Iyanna Mayweather’s detention.

According to media reports published on SOHH and The Blast, the “Dying to Live” rapper mentioned various social media platforms in early April that NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again collaborated with the authorities in Iyanna Mayweather’s detention.

It’s very much clear that Kodak shared an image of a caption initially mentioned by gossipofthecity_ on his official Instagram profile. In that tag, he doomed NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again for his supposed collaboration with the officials.

In reply, YoungBoy said:

“The Hell They Mean Fully Cooperated LOL. They ain’t Say A Lil Piece Bih They Say Fully Bih LOL Anyways Man That Word Aint Even Posed To Be Attached To Your Name @nba_youngboy.

Dam, Lil Bra Don’t Do Dat Lil Girl Like Dat Man! Don’t Do That Lil Girl Like Dat! I Mean I’m Locked Up, But This Sh– Got It Lookin Like If It Was Some Otha Shit YOU’LL TELL SOMETHING,” Kodak Black wrote.

“Watch me from a jail cell, man. […] N—a b—-es – ain’t never paid attention to an— an especially from no mothering cell, n—a. […] Then a n—a said I cooperated about what you stupid b—h? About my wife?

Are you talking about this girl right here? My wife? […] Inside the house that I paid for? Not her b—h a– daddy?”

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